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Build Up

Sunday 13th March 


Monday 14th  March 

Space Only Construction 


Space Only  &
Shell Scheme Stand Dressing 

Market Kitchen, Spirit Room and Craft Beer Exhibitors 

0800 - 1800hrs

0800 - 2000hrs

1500 - 2000hrs

Open Period

Tuesday 15th  March 

Wednesday 16th  March 

Hall Open (exhibitor access)**
Show Open

Hall Open (exhibitor access)
Show Open

0800 - 1800hrs
1000 - 1700hrs

0800 - 2100hrs
1000 - 1700hrs

** Please note that there will be no admittance to exhibitors for the dressing of stands after 0900hrs on Tuesday 15th March.

All stands must be fully dressed and the aisles clear of all packing and equipment by 0930hrs on Tuesday 15th March. This is to ensure that the stands and aisles can be cleaned and the show approved for opening by the Manchester Central Fire and Health and Safety officers.


Wednesday 16th March 

Removal of Exhibits
Removal of Standfitting

1730 - 1900hrs
1900 - 2200hrs

Permission to access the site

Please ensure that all personnel who will be coming on site during the build up and breakdown periods have read and understood the Northern Restaurant and Bar 2022 Site Induction Document and  Manchester Central Emergency Procedures Presentation.  

In order to access site, it is essential that you complete the 'Acknowledgement of Site Induction' form in the ezone on which you must confirm that the above documentation has been circulated and read.  On arrival on site during the build up period, wrist bands which indicate that personnel have been site inducted (and allow access into the hall) will only be given to those exhibitors who have completed the Acknowledgement of Site Induction Form.


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