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Stand Construction [space only and shell scheme]

Stand Construction [space only and shell scheme]

Bars and Counters - Installation of

To avoid overcrowding in the aisles, it is a requirement of the Health & Safety Manager that all bars/counters are sited 0.5m from the front edge of the stand space.  All business including the offering of samples must be conducted within the confines of the stand space. The security team will disperse any stationery groups of visitors which are restricting the aisle flow.

Code Of Practice

Please ensure that your stand is always staffed and that all exhibits remain displayed while the exhibition is open.  In order that no discourtesy is shown to last minute visitors, dismantling of any displays or exhibits will be prohibited before 1730hrs on Wednesday 16 March 2022.

Dilapidation Charges

Exhibitors are responsible for making good any damage caused to the fabric of the exhibition buildings by themselves, their agents or contractors.  In your own interests you should satisfy yourselves as to the condition of your site before commencing the building (space only) or dressing (shell scheme) of your stand and again after its clearance.  The Organisers will pass to the exhibitor any charges for damage to the exhibition halls, caused by exhibitors, their staff or their contractors.


All electrical installations must be carried out by the official electrical contractor and comply with current EVA regulations. 

PLEASE NOTE:   Since 1st July 2012, it has been a requirement of all major venues in the UK  that the official electrical contractor undertake additional live testing to all electrical points on each individual exhibition stand.  This is in compliance with the 17th edition of the IEE Regulations (testing and wiring). In order to meet these obligations it is necessary to charge a flat fee of £15.00  (plus VAT) per shell scheme stand. Space only sites also  require independent testing - please contact the show electrical contractor to obtain a quote and book on site testing. 

Price Lists and Order Forms can be found on the Forms & Downloads or Official Suppliers pages

See forms & downloads

Enclosed Areas

Doors to enclosed areas within your stand (e.g. offices, kitchens etc) must incorporate full length vision panels and must not open onto an aisle in order to ensure the safety of personnel on either side of the door.  This complies with the Disability & Equality Act 2010.

Fixing Exhibits - Shell Scheme

Double-sided adhesive pads must be used to attach light exhibits to the shell scheme panels.  Under no circumstances must nails, screws, staples etc be used.  A complete range of fixing clips can be used to hang heavier exhibits.  Further information or advice can be obtained from the show contractor.

See forms & downloads


The Exhibition Hall at Manchester Central is uncarpetted. Shell scheme stands are supplied with charcoal grey cord carpet. Floor coverings on space only sites may be affixed directly to the hall floor using approved tapes (Sellotape Double Grip 4415 and Stikatak B7 exhibition tape) or by laying floorflat.
See Stand Construction section: ‘carpet’ and ‘dilapidation charges.

A range of floor coverings are available from the show contractor - Creative Event Services

Please note that all stand services are supplied from the ducting in the hall floor. To this end, exhibitors may wish to provide a platform for the effective ‘hiding’ of any pipes and wires. Platforms (and floorflats) may be hired from the show contractor by using the Shell Scheme Optional Extras order form.

If you intend to lay a platform before laying carpet, it must be of natural timber, with a minimum thickness of 25mm nominal, or chipboard, blackboard etc with a minimum thickness of 18mm.  Platforms and floor flats are available from the show contractor,  by completing the Shell Scheme Optional Extras Form.

See forms & downloads

Floor Loading

Floor loading is given as 300 lbs./sq.ft.  Point load of 7 tons are permissible 3m apart or at 2m distance from other distributed loads.

Height Restrictions

Any exhibitor wishing to build above 2.50 metres should contact Tracy Lee at to confirm feasibility. 

Stands exceeding 4.0 metres in height are deemed complex and therefore three copies of plans, structural calculations, a full risk assessment and method statement must be supplied. Complex stands are conditional on a satisfactory site inspection by an independent structural engineer and the issue of a valid certificate

See forms & downloads


General hall lighting is provided but it is strongly recommended that you also have specific lighting on your stand to highlight your exhibits.  All lighting installations must be carried out by the official electrical contractor and comply with current EVA regulations.

All electrical installations must be carried out by the official electrical contractor and comply with current EVA regulations. 

See forms & downloads


All stand construction materials must be non-flammable and conform to the relevant B.S.  They may be subject to spot checks by the Manchester Central Fire and Safety Officers.

For a full list of Materials - Restrictions and Recommendations please email:

Maintenance Of Space Only Sites

Wherever possible all necessary maintenance work during the exhibition open days should be carried out between 0800hrs and 0930hrs.  No work will be permitted during exhibition open hours.

If at any time during the open days you need to carry out maintenance work after the exhibition has closed, please apply to the Organisers' Office by 1400hrs on the same afternoon to complete the appropriate paperwork. 

Any charges imposed on the Organisers for such arrangements, e.g. lighting and security, will be passed on to the exhibitor/contractor concerned.

Modular Systems

Exhibitors may dress their shell scheme stands with their own modular display system, but should check the dimensions as shown in the shell scheme specification.

See forms & downloads

Name Board Wording - Shell Scheme Stands 

A name board will be supplied to all shell scheme stands (please see the shell scheme specification sheet for further information). However, it is necessary to complete the Shell Scheme Name Board form in the ezone to ensure that the wording of your company name is exactly as required. 

In the event that this form is not received, the name board will be supplied using the name given on your original Contract for Stand Space and any alterations requested on-site will incur a charge.  It is helpful for visitors if the company name on your stand is the same as on your show guide entry.

Please note: House style ONLY is permitted on nameboards.

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Plans - Submission Of

Please send all space only stand plans (with associated documentation) to:

Tracy Lee

Exhibitors with space only sites (under 4 metres high) must submit their proposed stand plans showing elevations and any graphics to be positioned higher than 2.5m for approval by the Organisers no later than Friday 18 February 2022.

Any stands to be built of a complex nature (eg. Higher than 4.0 metres high, double deckers, steel structures or with moving parts) will require venue approval.  In these circumstances, exhibitors must submit stand plans, structural calculations, a risk assessment and method statement no later than Friday 11 February 2022.

Stands of a complex nature will be inspected by a structural engineer onsite, the cost of which is approximately £265.00 + VAT.

Pop-Up Stands

It is highly recommended that exhibitors planning to use ‘pop-up’ stands on space only sites carpet the stand area.  

Power To Stands

Power will not be switched on to stands during build-up until it is considered absolutely safe to do so. 
Power to stands is switched off 30 minutes after the show closes each day (including breakdown night). Please remember to order a 24hr supply if you need to keep fridges running overnight. Breakdown will not commence until the power supply has been disconnected.

If you anticipate requiring a power supply during build-up/breakdown for the checking and downloading of equipment, chilling of refrigerators or the use of hand tools etc, you should apply in advance for a temporary supply to be installed. See Forms and Downloads for the official contractor

See forms & downloads

Shell Scheme Specification

A diagram of the shell scheme giving exact measurements and specifications is available .

Shell Scheme Specification

Exhibitors can order extras to help customise shell scheme stands such as display panels, shelves, hat/coat hooks and literature racks by completing the 'Shell Scheme Optional Extras' form.

See forms & downloads

Sluice Room

A sluice room, located on the left hand side of the hall, is available for washing paintbrushes etc.

Space Only Sites

  • Construction on space only sites should be carried out by an approved stand contractor who is conversant with the regulations of Manchester Central, the Local Authority, other statutory bodies and the Organisers. 
  • As a contractor/exhibitor at the show you have a duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure that all personnel working for your company are aware that they have a responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of all employees and that plant or systems of work which may be used are, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and without risk to health. All employees should have the necessary training and supervision to ensure complete health and safety.
  • All stand construction must comply with the guidelines set out by the Disability and Equality Act 2010 (see General Information/disabled visitors)
  • All company logos and sign writing must be within the specific height limits and not be sited on the reverse of dividing walls/towers, especially where they overhang an adjoining stand.
  • All stand structures, signs, etc must be confined within the area allotted and may not project into or over the gangways.
  • No direct fixings may be made to any part of the exhibition halls and any damage or discoloration of such will be charged directly to the exhibitor. 
  • It is not permissible to use the back/side of neighbouring stand walls or venue walls.
  • Where space only sites adjoin and if the dividing walls are of different heights, the exhibitor with the higher wall must ensure that the reverse is finished down to the neighbouring walls or 2.5 metres (whichever is the lesser) and to the satisfaction of the Organisers.
  • Space only exhibitors not planning to build a back wall should remember that any neighbouring stands are only obliged to make good the back of their walls above 2.5 metres. 
  • Special permission must be obtained for complex structures (e.g. multi-storied stands; stands over 4.0 metres in height or any suspended items) from the venue through the Organisers.
  • All stands must clearly show the exhibiting company name and stand number.
  • If doors are incorporated onto stands in any area, they must not open onto an aisle and should be fitted with a full-height vision panel.
  • All space only plans must be accompanied by a risk assessment, method statement and appropriate health and safety documentation. 

Double Decker Stands

Please contact Tracy Lee at for a full set of double decker stand construction regulations (includes stair and handrail details).


The slope of any ramp should be uniform and no steeper than 1:12. Level landings should be provided at the top and bottom of ramps and at any intermediate position where exit doors open thereon.  The surface of any ramp should be imperforate and non-slip in texture.

Any ramp and its associated landings should have clear headroom not less than 2.06 m throughout.  The minimum width of a ramp for use by the disabled should be 1m. 

Ramps no greater than 1.1m in width should have a handrail on at least one side.  Wider ramps should have a handrail on both sides.  The height of handrails should be from 900mm to 1m measured vertically from the sloping surface of the ramp to the top of the handrail.  They should provide effective support and allow a firm grip.

See forms & downloads

Walling - Long Runs Of

Long runs of walling exceeding 4 metres are not permitted.  In all cases, stands must have at least one third of each frontage open or be fitted with approved transparent material.  Walls exceeding 2.5 metres in height and bars/counters must be set back 0.5 metres from the perimeter of the stand.


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