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Cooking & Sampling

Cooking & Sampling

Cooking and Reheating of Food on Stands

Any exhibitor planning to cook and/or offer samples of food or beverage must complete the Cooking and Sampling [Food and Beverage] AUTHORISATION FORM.  

This form requires you to confirm that you have read, understood and comply with the policies outlined in the following documents:

eGUIDE [2019] Catering Section

Manchester Central Cooking, Sampling [food and beverage] and Demonstrations Policies 

If appropriate, a full Method Statement and Risk Assessment must be sent to for onwards submission to the venue, by Monday 28 February 2022.

Health & Safety

All exhibitors planning to cook and/or offer samples from their stand must complete the Authorisation Form as detailed above.

Please also note the following guidelines:

Any exhibitor involved in food preparation on their stand (either sampling or cooking) must ensure all food handlers have a Level 3 Food Safety in Catering certificate [which is available on site for inspection if required by our Health & Safety Manager]

Deep Fat Fryers
These must be provided with thermostatic controls which will cut out at 200 degrees centigrade in accordance with BS 5784: part 2 (electric) and BS 5314: part 4 (gas) thus preventing overheating of the oil and subsequent flashover.  Deep fat fryers must be located on a stand so that in the event of flashover the safety of anyone in the gangway is not endangered.  In addition, satisfactory ventilation is also required.  Please contact Lindsey Hanford on 07973 272719 for details and advice.

Fire Appliances
In addition to the normal quota of hand fire appliances which are provided on stands, where cooking is taking place further appliances must be provided by the exhibitor, namely a 1kg (2.5 lbs) CO2 extinguisher or, in the case of deep fat fryers, a 9 litre foam extinguisher, together with a fire blanket.

Gas Appliances
All gas cookers, ranges, hobs etc must operate using LPG (see ‘Liquid Petroleum gas‘ below). Where sited in proximity to stand walls, such walls must be protected against the spread of fire to the satisfaction of the Licensing Authority and must be mounted on solid non-combustible materials.
If required by the Licensing Authority, provision may have to be made for the removal of fumes from cooking appliances into the open air.

Kitchens should be enclosed with fire-resistant construction and where they exceed 6 metres in either length or breadth they should be provided with two separate exits sited remote from each other so as to eliminate any dead end, one of which may be by way of the associated stand area.  Consideration will be given to unenclosed cooking arrangements where they are sited remote from any storey exits or floor area exits and are located so as not to prejudice the means of escape.

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)  
The use of Butane gas is permitted at Manchester Central for the demonstration of an appliance and for cooking on stands and Propane gas is prohibited.  See General Information: gas supply


The offering of product samples (food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink) is permitted at Northern Restaurant & Bar under the following conditions:

  • Food must be offered in either unwrapped ‘bite-size’ or individually wrapped portions (maximum 28g)
  • Drink must be offered in the following measures:

                Soft and Hot Drinks - 50ml

                Beers/Ciders or similar - 50ml

                Wine/Fortified wines/Champagne/Alcopops and similar - 25ml

                Spirits and similar - 5ml

  • Any exhibitor offering food or beverage must gain permission from the venue by completing and returning the Cooking and Sampling [Food and Beverage] AUHORISATION FORM.  To complete this form exhibitors must be aware of and conversant with the Manchester Central Cooking, Sampling [food and beverage] and Demonstrations Policies Document.
  • Exhibitors involved in food preparation must ensure that all food handlers have a Level 3 Food Safety in Catering certificate (which must be available for inspection on site) and have completed the AUTHORISATION FORM.
  • Exhibitors involved in the cooking or preparation of food must comply with the rules and regulations as set out in the Health & Safety section with particular reference to ‘Cooking on Stands’ and ‘Food and Drink Information’
  • Sampling of Coffee:  Coffee may be offered for sampling in full sized measures if offered to visitors within the boundaries of the stand and under no circumstances may cups of coffee be removed from the stand.
  • Sampling of Product (food and drink) over the approved quantities:  If any exhibitor wishes to offer samples in quantities greater than the levels outlined above (e.g. bottled beer; cocktails etc), application for exemption may be made to the venue via the Organisers.  Please email in the first instance. A fee will be levied which must be paid by the Friday prior to NRB opening.

Sample Cups

Exhibitors are required to supply their own sample cups.


Spittoons are not provided by the organisers and exhibitors requiring such facilities are requested to make their own arrangements.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are a statutory requirement within the workplace.  Please ensure that you or your contractor submits a risk assessment if you, your stand and/or its associated activities are considered to create a potential hazard: Examples include but are not limited to cooking or reheating of food; serving of alcohol; moving features and equipment demonstrations; products that are formed using bottled gas, naked flames, sharp implements; anything else that may be considered hazardous to visitors and/or exhibitors.

All risk assessments and method statements should be emailed to:


Refrigeration Hire

The official supplier of refrigerated units is Cross Rental Services. To view the range available for hire, price details and order form see Forms & Downloads

See Forms & Downloads


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