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Drinks Live

The Bartender's Theatre

Drinks Live hosts a two day programme of top speakers and ends with the Double Dutch Drinks Cocktail Competition. Scroll left & right to see the full programme.
20 Mar 2018
  1. Drinks Live Theatre
    An opportunity to discover the secrets of Blended Whisky and create your own from four Single Malts ...
  2. Drinks Live Theatre
    Classic Irish cocktails and how the forward thinkers are approaching beer and cocktail pairings thro ...
  3. Drinks Live Theatre
    Small restaurant or cocktail bar - how to build your rum range to include all the wonderful styles a ...
  4. Drinks Live Theatre
    A cocktail world without bitters - why bitters make things betters.
  5. Drinks Live Theatre
    Join award-winning bartender Luca Missaglia (ITALICUS Global Brand Ambassador) and Italian spirits e ...
  6. Drinks Live Theatre
    An easy guide to help improve the way people in the hospitality industry eat, drink, sleep and think ...
  7. Drinks Live Theatre
    See Marian Beke, owner of The Gibson Bar, showcasing and sampling this classic throw from the past 1 ...
21 Mar 2018
  1. Drinks Live Theatre
    Join Amathus Drinks for a Bloody Mary filled brunch with a twist, think Spicy Scandi & Molecular Mex ...
  2. Drinks Live Theatre
    Join Stig Bareksten, owner and master distiller of OSS Distillery and the producers of Bareksten Bot ...
  3. Drinks Live Theatre
    The North has a huge pool of talent. And the rest of the country wants it. We'll discuss what it tak ...
  4. Drinks Live Theatre
    Take the mystery out of this sleeping giant of the spirits world with an insightful look into the hi ...
  5. Drinks Live Theatre
    A brief understanding of how Absinthe is made, looking at the history and what went wrong. Combined ...
  6. Drinks Live Theatre
    Join Double Dutch Drinks for the live final of the 2018 Cocktail Competition, where bartenders will ...

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