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What's On Each Day

What's On Each Day

15 Mar 2022
  1. The Hub
    UKHospitality is the voice of the hospitality sector, advocating for a fair operating environment that enables our members to grow their businesses. Whilst Covid restrictions have eased, there remain a number of legislative challenges for the sector both immediately and on the horizon. Join UKH’s Jim Cathcart to hear the latest updates on calorie labelling, allergens, sustainability requirements (and much more) to learn how these will impact your business - and how UKHospitality is influencing the regulatory agenda to minimise burdens and allow the sector to drive the recovery forward.
  2. Market Kitchen Theatre
  3. Drinks Live Theatre
    Experience the expanded world of bitters within the modern bar, its flavours and uses away from the traditional cocktails.
  4. Chef Live Theatre
    Lisa Goodwin-Allen
  5. Grape & Grain
    How alcohol-free is becoming a strong choice for punters
  6. Market Kitchen Theatre
  7. The Hub

    Food delivery apps are changing the way we eat and reshaping the restaurant industry. But what is fuelling the growth and what does this mean for restaurants? Who better to discuss this than Uber Eats general manager, Matthew Price, and the teams behind Burgerism and Pitmaster. The panel will be chaired by David Blake.

  8. Drinks Live Theatre
    Shine a light on the unmistakable Tanqueray No. TEN citrus heart and discover how to create and adapt classic gin cocktails, by choosing (and making) the right modifiers to craft new serves.
  9. Chef Live Theatre
    Nina Matsunaga

    “Matsunaga is an exhilarating talent and the Black Bull an idyll of a place that marries everything a food nerd could wish for to a real sense of hospitality, all open fires & generosity.” Marina O'Loughlin, The Times

  10. Grape & Grain

    Smooth, crisp and refreshing. Brewed using our unique award winning* recipe. 

    Come along to try Bones, the world’s most drinkable lager – super low bitterness with the cleanest aftertaste delivering the ultimate thirst quenching experience.

    (*Gold Medal at International Beer Challenge Awards 2021)

  11. Market Kitchen Theatre
    Authentic Caribbean Street Food with Jerk Junction
  12. Drinks Live Theatre
    Experience a journey to the Oriente region of south-east Cuba, known as The Cradle of Light Rum since 1862. Born from the passion and expertise of the Maestros del Ron Cubano, creating a Rum with the ...
  13. Chef Live Theatre
    Alex Nietosvuori, Restaurant Hjem

    "This is food to make you beam with delighted surprise: an eel-like strip of mackerel, perhaps, the skin crisp, the flesh almost translucent, with a sparkling, sweet-sharp gel of gooseberry and a dollop of cool raw cream. Or glassy-crisp chicken skin sandwiching smoked cod’s head. ...It’s the sort of restaurant that makes me remember why I love this job, that makes me believe — against all evidence to the contrary — that everything is right with the world." Marina O'loughlin, The Times

  14. Grape & Grain
    A tasting with Cider Pommelier Cath Potter and Nicky Kong from The Cat in the Glass online bottle shop.
  15. Market Kitchen Theatre
    Jamie was inspired by the beach suburbs of Sydney, Australia where convenience food was vibrant, wholesome and healthy. Forced to return home early due to the pandemic I had grand plans & ideas with n ...
  16. Drinks Live Theatre
    WSET's Liam Scandrett and Lucy Stevenson DipWSET explore whiskies that have been finished in fortified wine casks. They'll conduct a tasting of three fortified wines paired with three whiskies that ha ...
  17. Chef Live Theatre
    Cal Byerley & Ian Waller, The Pine

    "There’s so much room between tables it feels completely luxurious: fur throws over chairs, views for miles. The place even smells heavenly, like a walk in a forest where, out of sight, someone is cooking something utterly delicious.", Marina O'Loughlin, The Times

  18. Grape & Grain
    Join James Cameron and Charlie Walsh, the sommelier team at WOOD restaurant in Manchester, as they talk through the ethos of their seasonal wine pairing and how they love to celebrate wines from all corners of the world.
  19. Market Kitchen Theatre
    Chris will be taking a King Oyster Mushroom and using every part of it to make 3 different tapas dishes. At Black Leaf, we run with a minimal waste ethos meaning we use every part of the raw produce. ...
  20. Drinks Live Theatre
    Join the Community Managers of the North's biggest Hospitality focused community groups in a panel discussion about the critical importance of and how to build community across the spectrum of Hospita ...
  21. Chef Live Theatre
    Ellis Barrie, Lerpwl
    "This restaurant is a serious addition to Liverpool’s scene. It immediately takes its place in the top four in the city, and in my not-so-humble opinion, top thirty in the North West. It brings a bright, ingredients-led post ‘New British’ cooking that has a deftness of touch from a chef who knows how to wring out flavours", Confidentials
  22. The Hub
    Kuits NRB Top Fifty Reception

    The ninth Kuits NRB Top Fifty, the prestigious and much anticipated power list of the most important and influential individuals within the Northern hospitality industry, will be unveiled on site at NRB along with the presentation of Special Achievement Awards. Once again we have carried out a rigorous research and selection process with an expert judging panel, ensuring the final fifty truly represents the best of the best.

    Invitation Only

  23. Grape & Grain
  24. Market Kitchen Theatre
  25. Drinks Live Theatre
    In this session we'll be mapping Scotch whisky for the modern bartender, taking a journey across the wild landscape of Scotland. We'll explore how to tell a captivating story and to design and build n ...
  26. Chef Live Theatre
    Exose Grant, BLVD Manchester
    25 Year Old Chef / Entrepreneur. Owns and runs the kitchen at BLVD Manchester serving pan asian cuisine. Also offers Private Dining experiences at the comfort of the clients own home
  27. Grape & Grain
    A brief history and a look into the future of the rapidly growing hard seltzer category leader, White Claw
16 Mar 2022
  1. Drinks Live Theatre
    Join us for an mid-morning pastry and your very own Rhum Cl'ment Ti' Punch to kick-start your day the Martinique way!
  2. Market Kitchen Theatre
  3. Drinks Live Theatre
    Join David for a grain versus grape based spirit tasting and comparison, the importance of quality ingredients and a cocktail demonstration and tasting.
  4. Chef Live Theatre
    Luke Payne, The Pack Horse Hayfield

    Chef and owner of The Pack Horse in Hayfield, self- taught Luke’s emphasis on seasonal cookery draws inspiration from the pubs breathtaking Peak District surrounding, and his flavour-forward, modern classic style has seen the pub rise into the top 50 gastropubs and Michelin guide in 2022, as well as featuring on the 2022 Code Hospitality 30 under 30 list. 

  5. Grape & Grain
    A glimpse into this fantastic Italian wine region with native Henry Alassane
  6. Market Kitchen Theatre
  7. Drinks Live Theatre
    A dive into the miss understood category of Vermouth, with a discussion of the difference style around the work, how to store correctly and how mix them in great drinks.
  8. Chef Live Theatre
    Alysia Vasey, The Yorkshire Forager with Simon Wood, Wood Manchester
    Alysia will be joined on stage by Simon Wood of Wood Restaurant Group
  9. Grape & Grain
  10. Market Kitchen Theatre
  11. The Hub
    Simon Rogan In Conversation

    NRB CEO Thom Hetherington talks Michelin stars and 20 years of l'enclume with Simon Rogan.

    Simon Rogan created history this February as L’enclume became the first Northern restaurant to claim three Michelin stars. Whilst his restaurant empire has expanded to encompass London and Asia, the heart of his world class operation has remained rooted in the North, with Rogan and Co also winning a Michelin star and the launch of Henrock, as well as his extensive Cartmel farm supplying his kitchens with world class produce. This NRB event provides a unique and exclusive opportunity to hear Simon talk about his journey so far and his plans for the future.

  12. Drinks Live Theatre
    Mystery has always been central to tiki's appeal. The sleight of hand inherent to the genre's allure can range from the benign'encrypted recipes, hushed techniques'to the elaborate: the culturally obt ...
  13. Chef Live Theatre
    Joseph Otway, Flawd Wine and Cinderwood Market Garden
    Joseph Otway is the co-owner of neighbourhood natural wine bar Flawd in Manchester and Cinderwood Market Garden, a one acre farm in Cheshire built upon a relationship between a vegetable grower and a chef who believe in farming food for flavour.
  14. Grape & Grain
  15. Market Kitchen Theatre
  16. Drinks Live Theatre
    Paragon is a range of premium botanical cordials developed with mixologists in mind, helping to create unique & complex flavours by simply adding a distinctive botanical cordial. Nate Booker of MONIN ...
  17. Chef Live Theatre
    Paul Leonard, Forest Side
  18. Grape & Grain
    Presenting low-intervention wines made by women. suppHER brings women in hospitality together to raise awareness and much needed funds for local womens' charities
  19. Market Kitchen Theatre
  20. Drinks Live Theatre
    Created in 1923 as a naturally-coloured blended whisky, Cutty Sark became the first Scotch whisky to sell 1 million cases in the USA, capturing the hearts and tastes of a nation enduring Prohibition. ...
  21. Chef Live Theatre
    Nathan Cornwell, The Barn at Moor Hall
    ‘I’d been here for all of five minutes before I was already planning a return’ Grace Dent, The Guardian
  22. Grape & Grain
    What is Sake? How is it made? What do I pair it with & how do I sell it? 
  23. Market Kitchen Theatre
    The evolve of "Laab" (Thai style Salad) from the Thai countryside to the UK cities - Saiphin Moore, Rosa's Thai co-founder
  24. Drinks Live Theatre
    Liqueurs, always at the bottom of every drinks list if even listed at all. They play second fiddle to spirits in cocktails and are placed in a box labelled modifiers. Why do we do this? Is it the suga ...
  25. Chef Live Theatre
    North West Young Chef of The Year 2021
  26. Grape & Grain
    First Chop Brewery is supporting Eat Well MCR with their beer "Eat Well"


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