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Chef Live sponsored by Lightspeed

Chef Live sponsored by Lightspeed

Chef Live is sponsored by Lightspeed

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The Timetable

15 Mar 2022
  1. Chef Live Theatre
    Lisa Goodwin-Allen
  2. Chef Live Theatre
    Nina Matsunaga

    “Matsunaga is an exhilarating talent and the Black Bull an idyll of a place that marries everything a food nerd could wish for to a real sense of hospitality, all open fires & generosity.” Marina O'Loughlin, The Times

  3. Chef Live Theatre
    Alex Nietosvuori, Restaurant Hjem

    "This is food to make you beam with delighted surprise: an eel-like strip of mackerel, perhaps, the skin crisp, the flesh almost translucent, with a sparkling, sweet-sharp gel of gooseberry and a dollop of cool raw cream. Or glassy-crisp chicken skin sandwiching smoked cod’s head. ...It’s the sort of restaurant that makes me remember why I love this job, that makes me believe — against all evidence to the contrary — that everything is right with the world." Marina O'loughlin, The Times

  4. Chef Live Theatre
    Cal Byerley & Ian Waller, The Pine

    "There’s so much room between tables it feels completely luxurious: fur throws over chairs, views for miles. The place even smells heavenly, like a walk in a forest where, out of sight, someone is cooking something utterly delicious.", Marina O'Loughlin, The Times

  5. Chef Live Theatre
    Ellis Barrie, Lerpwl
    "This restaurant is a serious addition to Liverpool’s scene. It immediately takes its place in the top four in the city, and in my not-so-humble opinion, top thirty in the North West. It brings a bright, ingredients-led post ‘New British’ cooking that has a deftness of touch from a chef who knows how to wring out flavours", Confidentials
  6. Chef Live Theatre
    Exose Grant, BLVD Manchester
    25 Year Old Chef / Entrepreneur. Owns and runs the kitchen at BLVD Manchester serving pan asian cuisine. Also offers Private Dining experiences at the comfort of the clients own home
16 Mar 2022
  1. Chef Live Theatre
    Luke Payne, The Pack Horse Hayfield

    Chef and owner of The Pack Horse in Hayfield, self- taught Luke’s emphasis on seasonal cookery draws inspiration from the pubs breathtaking Peak District surrounding, and his flavour-forward, modern classic style has seen the pub rise into the top 50 gastropubs and Michelin guide in 2022, as well as featuring on the 2022 Code Hospitality 30 under 30 list. 

  2. Chef Live Theatre
    Alysia Vasey, The Yorkshire Forager with Simon Wood, Wood Manchester
    Alysia will be joined on stage by Simon Wood of Wood Restaurant Group
  3. Chef Live Theatre
    Joseph Otway, Flawd Wine and Cinderwood Market Garden
    Joseph Otway is the co-owner of neighbourhood natural wine bar Flawd in Manchester and Cinderwood Market Garden, a one acre farm in Cheshire built upon a relationship between a vegetable grower and a chef who believe in farming food for flavour.
  4. Chef Live Theatre
    Paul Leonard, Forest Side
  5. Chef Live Theatre
    Nathan Cornwell, The Barn at Moor Hall
    ‘I’d been here for all of five minutes before I was already planning a return’ Grace Dent, The Guardian
  6. Chef Live Theatre
    North West Young Chef of The Year 2021


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