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NRB19 Cocktail Competition with Ms Better's Bitters

NRB19 Cocktail Competition with Ms Better's Bitters

Win a trip to Canada with Ms Better's Bitters

'A Big, Beautiful Cocktail'

Ms Better's BittersThe NRB19 cocktail competition with Ms Better's Bitters is offering one talented bartender the opportunity to travel to Canada with guest shifts in Montreal and Vancouver. The prizes don't end there though, second place is a day taking a majestic treat-filled stroll along the Thames with Ms Better's. And third place is a trip to a city farm in London to visit a petting zoo, followed by dinner and drinks with Ms Better's.

Competition final takes place at Northern Restaurant & Bar 2019 at 15:15 on Wednesday 20 March on the Drinks Live stage. This is a strictly trade-only event.

The Finalists

Raven Ridge


Luke Bensley

Luke Bensley, Nocturnal Animals, Birmingham

Piston Douglas Fir, Enoki mushroom Syrup*, Hemp Seed Cordial, Cypress Bowl Bitters, Hot Pine foam, Pine tree cover

Mr Brightside


Erion Bardhoci

Erion Bardhoci, Mezemiso at Crowne Plaza Albert Embankment, London

Saffron Lemon Bareksten Gin, Ron Cubay Rum, Ms.B Black pepper, Shiso Honey Wine Blend, St Germain, Italicus Bergamot, Mt. Fuji Bitters, Shiso & Dry Lavendar



Dan Smithson

Dan Smithson, Below Stairs, Leeds

Tonka Bean Ron Zacapa 23, Black pepper acetomol, Smoke & Oak tincture, Ms.Betters Chocolate Bitters, Mt. Fuji Foam, Grated Tonk Bean

Yoichi Bitter


Dillon Scott

Dillon Scott / Pleased to Meet you, Newcastle upon Tyne

Nikka Gin, Seaweed Rum, Plum Syrup, Lime Juice, Mt Fuji Bitters, Dry Plum with Pink Flowers