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Jules Goddard

Jules Goddard

Jules Goddard

Owner and Chief Fermenter, Plucky Pickle

After a career in renewable energy, Jules Goddard turned her passion for fermenting, pickling and preserving into a small business producing jars and tubs of pickles, kimchis and krauts in and around Greater Manchester and teaching fermentation masterclasses to the hospitality industry and the general public.   Her inspiration is her Italian nonna, ’The Original Preserver’ and she grew up surrounded by jars of ferments and pickles.   After living in Russia and Germany, her passion for exploring fermentation and encouraging others to try sour, tangy flavours grew.  

She runs The Plucky Pickle, championing preserving and fermented food and drink.  She hosts fermentation masterclasses and supper clubs throughout the North West.   She focuses on demystifying fermentation and encouraging hospitality and the general public to preserve seasonal, local produce and how to incorporate them into our cooking.



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