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Smashed Pale Ale

Smashed Pale Ale

The Alcohol Free Drinks Company Stand: F31
  • Smashed Pale Ale
  • Smashed Pale Ale
Smashed Pale Ale Smashed Pale Ale

They start with great tasting, fully alcoholic Beer and Cider. The Oxygen-free vacuum chamber enables them to gently heat the liquid for just a few minutes.
This process removes all of the alcohol without damaging the characteristics and taste of the liquid producing a great refreshing drink with the taste and
the integrity of the original alcoholic liquid.

Drynks start with craftily brewed premium beer then all the alcohol is gently swept away to leave only pure satisfaction.

A light refreshing pale ale that’s a fusion of traditional and modern. A pale copper colour with hints of caramel and toffee. Finished with an American style hop for a passionfruit aroma.



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