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Smashed Berry Cider

Smashed Berry Cider

The Alcohol Free Drinks Company Stand: F31
  • Smashed Berry Cider
  • Smashed Berry Cider
Smashed Berry Cider Smashed Berry Cider

They start with great tasting, fully alcoholic Beer and Cider. The Oxygen-free vacuum chamber enables them to gently heat the liquid for just a few minutes.
This process removes all of the alcohol without damaging the characteristics and taste of the liquid producing a great refreshing drink with the taste and
the integrity of the original alcoholic liquid.

Craftily brewed, then all the alcohol is swept away to leave only pure satisfaction!

A unique, crisp and lightly carbonated fruit cider is pure refreshment with a perfect balance of sweetness, sharpness and fruitiness.

A dark berry coloured sparkling cider with a fruity fresh aroma and a hint of English apples.



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