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Signal Hill

Signal Hill

Cask Liquid Marketing Stand: E89

The Canadian whisky uses some of Canada's finest ingredients, including the purest water from New Foundland, which is named one of the best water sources in the world. The product is made at the famous Hiram Walker distillery in Windsor, Ontario. Signal Hill uses two types of grains in the whisky, malted barley and corn. The corn is column distilled which results in a smoother distillate and gives the whisky the backbone that it needs. The malted barley, however, is distilled in copper pot stills, which allows for a more delicate process and provides more flavour to the barley. Not only are the grains distilled separately, they are then aged separately too. They are aged for 3-5 years in 3 types of barrels, which all add a unique flavour and complexity to the whisky. These barrels are Canadian Whisky casks, New American white oak casks and first run bourbon casks. This process results in a smooth whisky, which appears sweeter on the palate than other Canadian whiskies even though no sugar is added.



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