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Lambay Small Batch Blend Irish Whiskey

Lambay Small Batch Blend Irish Whiskey

Distilled Brands Stand: G48

A perfect Irish whiskey for a cocktail, or on its own on the rocks, Lambay Small Batch is a whiskey blend of malted and grain whiskey matured in Bourbon barrels with a pleasant cognac cask finish.

Deliciously smooth, with notes of malt, flora, cracked almonds, pepper and with a cognac cask finish, it has characteristics as unique as the island itself.

Lambay Small Batch Blend is a triple distilled whiskey crafted with Lambay Island Trinity Well water. It features notes of malt, flora, cracked almonds and pepper and has a cognac cask finish.


COLOUR: Oak Brown

AROMA: Floral, Citrus and Lingering Spiciness

TASTE: Cracked Almonds, Pepper, Malt, Floral

FINISH: Spiciness with lingering sweetness



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