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Gin 1689 Dutch Dry Gin

Gin 1689 Dutch Dry Gin

Distilled Brands Stand: G48

In 1689, the Dutch King William III - better known as William of Orange – was proclaimed King of England, Ireland and Scotland.

The traditional Dutch drink Genever or Gin, then became hugely popular.

More than 3 centuries later, the original Gin recipe XXXIII of ‘The distiller of London’ was found buried deep in a dark corner of the Royal British Library's rare book section.

The result is Gin 1689 - a gin that fuses English and Dutch culture together, produced by one of Holland’s oldest distillers and based on that same 350 year old recipe. 

Gin1689 beautifully combines juniper with dried quince and pippin (apple), lemon and orange peel, nutmeg, aniseed and clove.



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