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Beer Saver 7 Pro

Beer Saver 7 Pro

Cambridge Scientific Solutions Ltd Stand: G36

BeerSaver™ 7 Pro comes with all the following benefits of the BeerSaver™ 6 Plus including additional INNOVATIVE cellar technology -


To ensure maximum yields and to maintain the highest standards of beer quality, temperature control is paramount. Our beer line temperature monitoring system provides real time data on all lines regardless of number. Identifying faults immediately, allowing for quick rectification, minimising disruption and protecting quality.

Cask Ales

To experience all the smells and tastes that the brewer wants you to, cask ale must be dispensed at the correct temperature. If the beer is too warm unpleasant and unplanned aromas will be given off, too cold and the clean, fresh, vibrant tastes will be lost.

The recommended dispense temperature of the majority of brewers is between 11 – 13°C. 

Standard Lagers & Keg Products

Standard lagers and keg should be dispensed between 5 – 8°C.

Extra Cold Products

The trend these days is towards colder products. These are normally dispensed between 0 – 5°C depending on the equipment.


With increased time between line cleans like never before it is important to keep track of your line cleaning schedule. The Beer Saver™ 7 Pro Line Clean monitoring system provides detailed line clean analysis to ensure lines are cleaned properly. Monitoring frequency, soak times and overall length of cleans.


Storing Beer at the right temperature might seem obvious to most publicans, but get it wrong and there can be severe consequences. If your cellar is too cold, beers may develop 'chill haze', or fob. Fobbing can also occur if your cellar is too warm. At higher temperatures, cask beer may spoil because the residual yeast may ferment too quickly. And of course higher temperatures can mean keg beers and lagers can also spoil quicker, resulting in bad pints and reputation risk. 



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