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Changing The Way We See 'Fast Food'


Changing The Way We See 'Fast Food'

15 Mar 2022
Market Kitchen Theatre
Market Kitchen

Jamie was inspired by the beach suburbs of Sydney, Australia where convenience food was vibrant, wholesome and healthy. Forced to return home early due to the pandemic I had grand plans & ideas with no opportunity to fulfil them due to lockdown. So I started making and delivering the bowls from my kitchen at home, delivering them on my own bike to intrigued local customers. Now thousands of bowls later (thankfully now from a commercial kitchen) Bondi Bowls is finally opening its very own store/cafe in the heart of Manchester aiming to change the way we see eating out.

Our food ethos - Our menu is plant-based and gluten free by default. We then offer extras such as Miso Salmon, Sous Vide Chicken Breast & Feta as our only non vegan additions to our bowls. We believe this represents the direction food is going, a slow and steady transition into a more plant-based diet. Its the best of both worlds making sure everyone is welcome, from the hardcore vegan, to the flexitarian, to the meat/fish lover!

Jamie Tones - Bondi Bowls


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