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Alex Nietosvuori, Restaurant Hjem


Alex Nietosvuori, Restaurant Hjem

15 Mar 2022
Chef Live Theatre
Chef Live

Before moving to Northumberland to open Restaurant Hjem in the heart of Hadrian’s Wall Country, Alex worked at some of Scandinavia’s most celebrated restaurants including Restaurant BROR in Copenhagen; Maaemo in Oslo (3 Michelin Stars); Daniel Berlin Krog in Skåne Tranås (2 Michelin Stars). As well as staging at Faviken, Restaurant Frantzen and Operakällaren in Sweden, Alex also spent three months at Rodolfo Gusman’s Restaurant Borago in Chile and worked at Tom Anglesea’s (The Great British Menu) The Laughing Heart - in London.

Alex, who runs Restaurant Hjem with Northumberland-born partner, Ally Thompson was awarded a Michelin Star in January 2021.


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