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R&D Tax Relief - Find Out if You Are Eligible

R&D Tax Relief - Find Out if You Are Eligible

We've partnered with Recoup Capital to raise awareness of the government's Research & Development tax credit incentive specifically for hospitality businesses.  The average claim for Recoup Capital clients is £84,000.  Recoup Capital is one of the UK's fastest-growing R&D specialists and have recovered more than £25m for UK businesses since 2020.

Find Out If You Are Eligible

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Case Studies

A Michelin starred restaurant (“Company A”) has a test kitchen where test chefs conceive of and trial recipes before they roll them out to its restaurant.
A brewery (“Company B”) decides to add to its existing range of 4 core beers by brewing a new beer infused with CBD oil.
A restaurant (“Company C”) decides to review all recipes on its existing menu in an effort to reduce the sugar and salt content as well as search for replacements for ingredients known to be adverse to customers who are lactose intolerant.


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