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Bruntwood Works X NRB - The Future of Hospitality: Experience

09 Sep 2021

Bruntwood Works X NRB - The Future of Hospitality: Experience

Bruntwood Works X NRB - The Future of Hospitality: Experience
Hospitality Venues and the ‘Visitor Journey’

Monday 20 September 14:00

For the next seminar we will take a fresh look at hospitality venues and the ‘visitor journey’, as in a post-lockdown world the live experience is more vital than ever and arguably the main USP a restaurant or bar can offer over delivery or cook at home.

Once this began at the front desk as a guest entered a venue, with maybe only a preliminary phone call to confirm a booking. But now the visitor experience with a venue or a brand encompasses an extended, blended experience of digital and live. From a prospective diner’s first engagement via social/website, to the booking engine, to the traditional walk through the door of the venue itself.

Panelists will include:

  • Robbie Bargh, Founder of international hospitality concept agency Gorgeous Group, who work with almost every major global brand from Soho House and The Savoy to Dishoom and Hakkasan
  • Ash Kollakowski, the operator behind creative venues ranging from Belgrave Music Hall and Headrow House to YES and now House of Fu
  • Andrea George, Regional Director at Bruntwood Works for Town Centres and Consumer Brands
  • Jamie Campbell, Director or Learning at CPL Learning, now part of the Access Group, who deliver digital training and development for Wagamama, The Alchemist and JW Lees
  • Chair: Thom Hetherington, CEO Holden Media, organisers of Northern Restaurant & Bar, and hospitality consultant

Topics addressed will include:

  • How to make your brand experience seamless from digital to live.
  • How consumer tastes are changing post-Covid, and how concepts are evolving to match.
  • Design, interiors and setting.
  • Theatre and social media moments. Crucial, or a distraction?
  • Why the basics of ‘sound, lighting and temperature’ still matter.
  • Staff, service and the human touch.
  • The greeting, and the bill.

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