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Yee Kwan Ltd

Yee Kwan Ltd

Stand: D49

Yee Kwan is an award winning premium ice cream brand specialising in exotic and innovative flavours.  Yee Kwan was inspired by a life changing trip around Australasia and childhood trips to ice cream parlours in Yorkshire.

Our gluten free ice cream is made with real milk and cream, low in fat and is full of flavour.  Our lactose free sorbet is made with real fruit purees, refreshing and cleanses the palate.

Our vegan ice cream is produced using coconut cream, smooth and silky texture.

Yee Kwan entered BBC's Dragons Den back in February 2015, the interesting flavours certainly made an impact on the Dragon's and won an investment from Deborah Meaden.

Our products are available through Stratford Fine Foods, Tazaki Food, SeeWoo, FCN and Chi Yip.

We are an established and authentic brand working closely with restaurant chains, hotels and retailers.

We have extensive experience of developing exclusive ice cream flavours and desserts for our multi-site restaurant group clients.

Call us on 01143277949 to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Unit 2 Devonshire Business Park
90 Wellington Street
S1 4HX
United Kingdom

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Contact Exhibitor

  • Frolyk is our vegan brand offering deliciously indulgent flavours that appeal to the broader market. Perfect for restaurants, cafes and take aways that want to offer a more sustainable option to their ...
  • Our super smooth and silky vegan ice cream is made with coconut cream.   The salted caramel ice cream is luxuriously rich and delicious, perfect paired with our vegan chocolate miso ice cream.
  • Pairing the aroma of perfectly ripe mango with the fragrance of passion fruit, our Mango & Passion Fruit Ice Cream is aimed squarely at fans of sweet, indulgent desserts. This heady combination makes ...
  • The perfect dessert for coconut lovers! Our delightful Toasted Coconut Ice Cream captivates with its light texture and finely balanced flavours. Our luxuriously smooth ice cream is mixed with carefull ...
  • Our celebrated Black Sesame Seed Ice Cream has been a Yee Kwan favourite for many years. The first spoonful’s peppery hints soften into a subtle, yet deliciously moreish, toasted sesame flavour. This ...
  • Our refreshingly cool Lychee Ice Cream has been captivating fans for years with its luxuriously light and refined flavour. This delicious ice cream is made with real whole lychee fruit and features a ...
  • Who would have thought that Japanese miso and chocolate would have made such a deliciously addictive combination? Well, we did! Our super savoury miso pairs with deliciously rich chocolate, giving our ...
  • The premium grade organic matcha powder we use is grown by small artisan tea producers in Japan. The result is green tea ice cream that is unadulterated bliss, pure heaven.   Available in both Dairy a ...
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