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Speciality Brands

Speciality Brands

Stand: D93


Elixir House
Whitby Avenue
Park Royal
NW10 7SH
United Kingdom

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  • H by Hine is produced from grapes grown in the Petite and Grande Champagne areas. This blend has been crafted specially for cocktails, delivering Cognac’s taste and liveliness without overpowering the ...
  • Delicious neat on the rocks with a small lemon zest, it is an essential ingredient for the creation of the most classic cocktails, from Negroni to Manhattan.
  • Blended from a combination of Coffey Grain, lightly peated Miyagikyo Single Malt and a small proportion of Coffey Malt and Yoichi Single Malt, this highly versatile whisky will please new whisky drink ...
  • Lot No. 40 is a Canadian whisky made from 100% rye which is rich and fruity with plenty of winter spice flavours. It’s crafted in a unique way to showcase the complexities of Canadian rye whisky.
  • An exquisite sipping rum that is made almost entirely from sugar cane honey. This fine rum is blended & aged for up to 12 years. The end result is a truly exceptional rum showing characteristic fruity ...
  • Born in the depths of the Amazon rainforest,Canaima is a unique gin created to help sustain its native environment. Canaima is a blend of rare botanicals hand-picked by native tribes which results in ...
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