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Sis4ers Distillery

Sis4ers Distillery

Stand: S10

Our heritage is special and was created by the hardest working people we know, our parents.

Everything we do has been made possible by passion, pride and sheer willpower.

It’s all been built on one unbreakable, unshakeable foundation: FAMILY.

This is who we are. Warm, welcoming, authentic: we love to distil the best-tasting spirits and strive for excellence in all things.

To drink our spirits is to be part of our family and you are all welcome to join us.

We are not just FOUR SIS4ERS on a craft spirits journey, we also have seven more siblings...our brothers.

They are also known as SEVEN BRO7HERS BREWING COMPANY.

Yes, there really are 11 of us: four spirit-distilling sisters and seven beer-brewing brothers, who together make the largest family of direct siblings in the global alcohol industry.


39 Weybridge Enterpise Centre
Daniel Adamson Road
Salford Quays
M50 1DS
United Kingdom

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Contact Exhibitor

  • Strawberry Gin & Elderflower Tonic Gin & Tonic Cans.
  • Signature Gin & Indian Tonic Gin & Tonic Cans.
  • Four Sisters Spiced Rum is a perfect blend of Caribbean inspired rum crafted with spices, warmed with vanilla and caramel.
  • Our Limited Edition Lemon & Basil Gin is the citrus burst you want in your refreshing G&T.
  • Our Passion Fruit & Cardamom Gin is an enticing fusion of sweetness and aromatic citrus notes, especially crafted for you by Lucy- SIS4ER No.4. 
  • Our Caramel Espresso Gin is a delicious fusion of roasted richness and smooth caramel, especially crafted for you to enjoy by Kate - SIS4ER No. 3. 
  • Our Lime & Thyme Gin is a beautiful blend of botanicals, with a delicious infusion of lime and thyme, especially crafted for you to enjoy by Hayley - SIS4ER No. 2.
  • Strawberry Edition Gin is our beautiful classic Gin gently and slowly infused with fresh ripe strawberries. Especially crafted for you to enjoy by Kerry - SIS4ER No. 1.
  • Our Signature Gin is a classic blend of botanicals, with a hint of blueberry.

    22 Feb 2022
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