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Oak & Still

Oak & Still

Stand: E38


Baddow Park Estate
West Hanningfield Road
CM2 75Y
United Kingdom

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  • Aged in Rioja wine casks from the home region of the Santa Ana’s commander, the gin takes on a beautiful rose gold hue and a slight sweetness which complements the rich umami notes of An Dúlamán Gin. ...
  • An Dúlamán Irish Maritime Gin is the first gin distilled in Co. Donegal. Dúlamán is the name of an Irish folk song which relates a conversation between two seaweed collectors (it is also the name of o ...
  • Taking its name from the dancing waters of Assaranca Falls, Assaranca Vodka is infused with berries from the “the lady of the hills” (the rowan tree) and blossom from the gorse that protects faerie ca ...
  • The original and authentic Aguere Caramel Rum, one more reason to get together and enjoy the best moments of life as they do in the Canary Islands. Its exquisite caramel toffee taste mixed with Aguere ...
  • The Legendary Dark Silkie Irish Whiskey is the first addition to The Legendary Silkie Irish Whiskey Collection. We have taken a bold step with Dark Silkie in recreating the taste of Donegal whiskey in ...
  • The Legendary Silkie Irish is the perfect sipping whiskey, enjoy as it is, over ice or in your favourite whiskey cocktail. The signature serve for The Legendary Silkie is the Silkie Rua, Silkie mixed ...
  • Código 1530 Reposado combines the purity of our Blanco and the elegance of our aging process. Aged for six months in the finest Napa Valley Cabernet French White Oak wine barrels, Código 1530 Reposado ...
  • Código 1530 Rosa begins with the purity of our Blanco, then is rested for 1 month in uncharred Napa Valley Cabernet French White Oak wine barrels. The result is a refined spirit with a natural color a ...
  • Código 1530 Blanco is the expression that best reflects the pure taste of our perfect inputs. We take pride in every step of our production process, carefully sourcing only the best ingredients to pro ...
  • Nemiroff 'The Inked Collection' Burning Pear     Nemiroff Burning Pear offers a velvety, mellow flavour that opens with sweet honey-pear notes, followed by just a touch of heat in a rich, new way.  
  • Nemiroff 'The Inked Collection' Bold Orange     Mellowed in oak barrels, Nemiroff Bold Orange is bright and clean with just the right hints of sweet, citrus and spice.  
  • Nemiroff 'The Inked Collection' Wild Cranberry     Nemiroff blends ultra-pure vodka with real cranberry flavourings, and just a hint of fine cognac to create a refreshing, slightly sweet new taste.  
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