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JW Lees & Co (Brewers) Ltd

JW Lees & Co (Brewers) Ltd

Stand: E32


Greengate Brewery
Middleton Junction
M24 2AX
United Kingdom

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Contact Exhibitor

  • Our all-malt amber bitter was first brewed in 1828 to satisfy thirsty Mancunians grafting in the workshop of the world. It soon became our most popular beer, and it's stayed that way. We make it using ...
  • More than a few craft lagers are named after the cities that created them, so we've added Manchester to that list using almost two centuries' worth of expertise on craft ale. We brew Manchester Craft ...
  • Tony Wilson once said: “This is Manchester, we do things differently here”. And he was right. Our refreshingly Mancunian pale ale gives ale lovers a similar hop-packed offering to its American equival ...
  • Our permanent Boilerhouse beer, perfect for all seasons, perfectly balanced moderate bitterness. fresh fruit hops and pale ale malt. 4.2%
  • Our Original Lager recipe, nice and simple for a crisp, light taste. Brewed using only British malts, we use plenty of Styrian and Saaz hops and no additives. This makes sure it’s got just the right e ...
  • Upstairs, a malt crush, the ever-present backbone to all beer shines through. Energising, malt sweetness with a comforting golden glow. Reassuringly classic hops Fuggles and Saaz offer well rounded, f ...
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