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Freedom Brewery

Freedom Brewery

Stand: CB9

Situated in the heart of Staffordshire, Freedom Brewery is setup with some of the latest technology and sustainable brewing practises to show this is how good a beer should be. 

Our beers utalise the latest brewing technology to maximise our efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. We use cold water to cool the hot and vice versa to reduce our energy consumption by 30%.

Traditionally filtered with isinglass finings (fish bladders) to make beers bright and crisp; due to our extended maturation period, we use Kieselguhr Filtration making all our beers completely vegan certified.

One of the more unique aspects of our brewing process is our use of spring water from a bore hole on site to make the 'wort'. Natural spring water - combined with fact we don't artificially carbonate our beers - gives every Freedom beer a distinct crisp freshness.


Bagots Park
Abbots Bromley
WS15 3ER
United Kingdom

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Contact Exhibitor

  • Lovingly brewed with just four ingredients and long matured for a fuller flavour. Light. Crisp. British. It’s the craft lager that’ll make you love lager all over again.
  • Freedom Helles (pronounced “Hell-us”) is a Munich style lager full of character! A full-bodied beer that doesn’t mess about. Pale, floral and a little sweet.
  • Here’s a beer to steal your heart. European and American hops collide for a delicate citrus aroma and a balanced bittersweet bite. Reminiscent of a classic Bohemian Pilsner with a Freedom twist. Noble ...
  • This is the ale you want to be flirting with. A confident pale ale with a tropical fruit aroma. Combined with just the right balance of bitterness makes this a perfect go-to session pale ale.
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