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Franklin & Sons

Franklin & Sons

Stand: C79

Found only in the best of spirits since 1886, Franklin & Sons combines the finest quality ingredients to bring you great-tasting drinks. Discover our range of tonic water, sodas and soft drinks which have all come from our history of creating innovative tastes that are perfect to mix and drink on their own.



United Kingdom

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  • Our award-winning Original Ginger Ale is a wonderful blend of natural ginger flavours giving off a clean and light heat.
  • A British classic is brewed for a week with malted barley. Our Ginger Beer gives a spicy warmth before the zest squeeze of lemon balances out the flavour.
  • Rose Lemonade brings out the best from English rose petals, lemon juice and British sugar beet to bring floral flavours to your palate. Perfect over ice for any occasion.
  • A citrussy twist on a traditional Ginger Ale. The mandarin flavours bring an aromatic sweetness to elevate the drink.
  • A light and low sugar mixer. The tropical pineapple flavour brings out the almond to give the drink a smoky finish.
  • An award-winning tonic water with a citrusy blend of sparkling spring water, natural bergamot and pink grapefruit flavours with quinine and cinchona natural ingredients.
  • Our award-winning Rosemary Tonic Water with Black Olive has a gentle aroma. The bitterness of the olive and the light effervescence makes for a beautifully balanced tonic water.
  • The innovative introduction of hibiscus with rhubarb brings sophistication to any G&T. The mixture of rhubarb and hibiscus brings out both sweet and tart notes.
  • Light and natural in flavour our Elderflower Tonic Water with Cucumber makes for a refreshing partner to your choice of drink. The addition of cucumber in this tonic water provides a wonderful fresh c ...
  • We use the entire lemon to create our award-winning Sicilian Lemon Tonic Water. We capture the essential oils from the peel before gently pressing to extract the juice.
  • Our Natural Light Tonic Water is our slim-line version. Still full of flavour but with less sugar to create a low-calorie tonic water. An ideal partner to higher ABV and sweeter gins.
  • Our Natural Indian Tonic Water is a delicate blend of flavours that delivers a sweet aroma and a refreshing taste. Franklin & Sons Natural Indian Tonic Water is a crisp, clear liquid that is subtly bi ...
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