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Cardrona Distilery Limited

Cardrona Distilery Limited

Stand: S13


United Kingdom

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  • Small batch and hand-crafted from a secret family recipe, Rose Rabbit Butterscotch Liqueur is decadently sweet, with toasty, buttery notes married with robust Cardrona Single Malt. 43.8% ABV
  • Small Batch Seasonal Release. Wild Central Otago Elderflower from the Southern Alps of New Zealand, hand picked by our Cardrona team, has been married with our rich Single Malt Spirit and lemon. 41.7% ...
  • Our small batch Rose Rabbit orange liqueur is hand-made with New Zealand orange peel macerated in rich Cardrona un-aged Single Malt Spirit. Perfect neat, over ice or mixed into a classic cocktail. 47% ...
  • Forged by the four seasons that blow through the Cardrona Valley, New Zealand. A natural matrix of locally foraged rosehip, juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, lemon and orange zest, vapour-distil ...
  • Decadently rich, The Reid Single Malt Vodka is the best vodka you will ever taste. On the nose, delicately nuanced with pear drops, lemon, toffee and malt biscuits. On the tongue, weighted and balance ...
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