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Avenista Table Reservations

Avenista Table Reservations

Stand: D3

Never heard of Avenista®? Well, perhaps you can be forgiven. In the stampede towards basic, web-based table booking systems in recent years, some restaurateurs may have overlooked our service, attracted instead by the fanfares of big-booking operators. But one size does not fit all and having experienced high running costs or poor service delivery, an increasing number of restaurant owners have started to look elsewhere. What they found in Avenista® is an intelligent, intuitive restaurant system with everything they need and more, all available for a fraction of their existing costs.

Avenista® focuses on the details. We have developed a system that has been built around features restaurants actively need - we know this because they have asked for them! From pre-payments and deposits, to flexible, variable floor plans and email templates, Avenista® constantly moulds itself into your preferred way of working. It’s restaurant software that scales with your business and ensures you can focus on the important things that will help you succeed.


Vanguard House
Keckwick Lane
United Kingdom

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  • Avenista® has an extensive list of features that leaves no stone unturned in ensuring you have the tools to manage your restaurant as efficiently as possible. It increases your opportunities to seat m ...
  • An introduction to who we are and what we do!
  • A brief look at what makes Avenista unique; standing out from the competition.
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