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  • Joseph Holt Brand Video

    04 Feb 2020 Joseph Holt
    Step inside the world of Joseph Holt. Uniting communities through beer for generations, Joseph Holt is synonymous with community, love of beer and good times
  • Who Are Avenista?

    27 Jan 2020
    Avenista is the leading tool for busy restaurants.
  • Short video explaining how to clean and maintain a Valentine Evo fryer
  • How to use and maintain a Valentine Multicooker
  • Is your booking software over or underselling tables? Not filing your space correctly and not optimizing your venue? ResDiary gives you complete control.
  • The ResDiary Plus app gives your team all the features they need to run a service on the go.
  • ResDiary gives you the tools you need to be able to sell a range of experiences directly to your customers.
  • Do you want to build a marketing database and help boost your business? ResDiary has the tools you need to create your own marketing campaigns and build your brand's presence.
  • Do you want to compare and contrast your booking history, to gain insight into your business? ResDiary gathers a range of information on all your bookings, so you’ll have all the information you need
  • Do you want to boost your bookings but don’t know where to start? ResDiary offers a range of ways to help potential guests find and book your business so you can find your customers where they are.
  • Do you want to boost your bookings but don’t know where to start? ResDiary offers a range of ways to help potential guests find and book your business so you can find your customers where they are.
  • Are booking phone calls stopping you from focusing on your customer's or is your existing booking system not properly representing your brand? ResDiary can help you build a range of booking tools that
  • Problems with no-shows, late arrivals, or last minute cancellations? ResDiary’s range of no-show prevention tools will protect your revenue and encourage customers to commit to their bookings.
  • Salcombe Gin Delivery Service is available every Summer! Gin hamper deliveries are available to yachts, boats and beaches around Salcombe via our Salcombe Gin RIB, courtesy of our friends at Ribeye.
  • Take a look at when Monica Galetti visited our Gin School laboratory in Salcombe, to begin the recipe development process for the limited-edition Salcombe Gin Voyager Series ‘Island Queen’.
  • Vodka has now found itself spreading from its old European roots and now has conquered the whole world. Find out more about its production, styles and origin.
  • The Lakes Single Malt - Our Whisky Story

    16 Dec 2019 The Lakes Distillery
    The Lake District has long been a crucible for creativity, a place where imagination can flourish, and it's no different for us.
  • A short film showing the process of farming Scottish salmon and delivering all the way to a Parisian bistro.
  • Short recipe video for Booths social channels, showing how to spatchcock a chicken.
  • Promotional film to celebrate the launch of Speyside distillery Tamdhu's 50 Year Old whisky.
  • Part of a Johnnie Walker's social campaign to celebrate a Scottish tradition at Hogmanay; The First Footing.
  • Brand Activation specialists We Are Creation approached Coolbox to help them make a little ‘sizzle reel’ to show off some of their best projects of past few years.
  • Slow motion cameras + motion control robots + airborne chinese food... What's not to love?
  • MKS is an environment where chefs and suppliers can get together and try out new recipes using incredible local ingredients, and have their dishes professionally photographed for their own brand.
  • Online & Social Video Creation for Food & Drink Brands & Businesses
  • KDS

    05 Dec 2019
    We have designed what we believe to be the most cost effective and efficient monitor system available. The KDS system is designed with the need for simplicity and ease of operation in mind.
  • Oro Restaurant, Glasgow, have been using SuperTuffMenus® premium light option. These menus have tabs and a gold foil as well as being on a softer, more premium looking stock. Dominic tells all.
  • SuperTuffMenus in action!

    12 May 2019 Philip Wilson
    See how our menus can be put through their paces. SuperTuffmenus are washable, waterproof, wipe clean and will last x10 longer than conventional laminated menus.
  • SuperTuffMenus, Philip Wilson explains

    05 Dec 2019 Philip Wilson
    Philip Wilson, our inventor, explains all about SuperTuffMenus. Washable, wipe clean, long lasting menus that last x10 longer than conventional laminated menus.
  • Vintage Menu Case

    05 Dec 2019
    Sturdy vintage style heavy grain wood menu case Available in 2 colours, vintage black and vintage brown A2 & A3 size in either portrait or landscape Bright LED backlighting if required
  • An overview of how the courses Mindboost offer work