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Old J Unveils New Pineapple Rum to Tap into Demand for Flavoured Rums

01 Jan 2022

Old J Unveils New Pineapple Rum to Tap into Demand for Flavoured Rums

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Old J Unveils New Pineapple Rum to Tap into Demand for Flavoured Rums
Old J Pineapple

Old J is delighted to announce a new addition is joining its range of six existing premium rums – a fresh, fruity pineapple flavour - just in time for International Pineapple Day on 27th June.

With its refreshing flavour profile, crafted to appeal to the ever-so-slightly more adventurous rum drinker, Old J Pineapple infuses the brand’s special blend of 11 flavours and spices into the finest Caribbean rum before adding subtle notes of sweet pineapple and Old J’s classic, subtle vanilla hints, instantly taking the drinker to the tropics.

Exotic and sweet, Old J Pineapple has been timely launched just as the weather starts to warm up in a bid to position itself as the taste of summer, and serves up effortlessly either as part of a cocktail or with a simple mixer.

With COVID-19 placing the hospitality industry on hold for the last 12 months, the UK’s off-trade saw a huge increase in the sale of flavoured and spiced rums throughout the course of 2020; with these variants outselling white rum for the first time, data by the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) has found.

Furthermore, the data by the WSTA has shown that off-trade sales of rum actually grew between April and June 2020, with an increase of 38% more than the same period in 2019, as consumers tapped into the cocktail trend, exploring recipes and discovering new flavours whilst at home in lockdown.

According to the CGA Mixed Drink Report in 2019, 24% of rum drinkers were said to be frustrated with rum choices at the bar prior to the global pandemic so now, with on-trend slowly returning to normal, Old J Pineapple seeks to tap into this rum renaissance and new-found demand for vibrant and exciting flavours.

Nic Ponticakis, Brand Manager for Old J Spiced Rum commented: “The COVID pandemic has affected everyone and every industry – and none more so than the drinks industry. In order to remain competitive, we used the closure of trade as an opportunity to really delve into consumer trends and patterns based on what was happening in the off-trade, and anticipated how this would then be replicated in the on-trade when hospitality opened back up.

“Along with premiumisation, cocktail culture has become perhaps more popular than ever; with consumers on the hunt for new and innovative flavours. And now that hospitality venues are reopening, we should expect to see more of the same amongst on-trade.

“Flavoured and spiced rums are driving the market currently. The Old J motto has always been to reject the humdrum and rediscover rum, and Old J Pineapple was the obvious choice for our next innovative flavour. Not only does it offer drinkers an exciting option as a cocktail base, it’s a proven summer hit and will no doubt signal the start of the new season and gentle nudge back to normality.”

Part of the wider Old J Spiced Rum collection, Old J Pineapple joins a range of six unique and memorable expressions; Spiced, Gold, Dark, Silver, Cherry, Tiki Fire, inspired by the great Admiral Vernon – but produced with a modern 21st century drinker in mind.

Old J Pineapple is now available to both the on and off-trade, working with its largest distribution partner LWC Drinks.

Available in 70cl and 5cl bottles, Old J Pineapple comes with a range of PoS including glassware, tent cards, and bespoke artwork, supported by a dedicated team of Brand Activation Managers who bring the Old J brand to life.

Outlets looking to sample or stock Old J Pineapple should contact the Signature Brands team at




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