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Bruntwood NRB Debate - Previous Editions

Bruntwood NRB Debate - Previous Editions


Fred Sirieix

Fred Sirieix

Galvin at Windows General Manager and star of Channel 4's First Dates. Interviewed by Thom Hetherington, Holden Media.

Expert Technology Panel

NRB Debate Technology Panel

Jamie Campbell, CGA (Chair); Laurence McCarthy, The Russell Partnership; Gavin Adair, Rosa's Thai Cafe; Johnny Smith, The Clove Club; Nadia el Hadery, YFood.


Gary Neville & Michael O'Hare

Gary Neville Michael O'Hare

GG Hospitality. Interviewed by Thom Hetherington, Holden Media.

Non-Executive Directors Panel

Board Structure & Non-Executive Directors Panel Discussion

Thom Hetherington, Holden Media (Chair); Joycelyn Neve, Seafood Pub Company; Kieran Lawton, Palatine Private Equity; Nick de Sousa, Tariff & Dale; Peter Martin, CGA Peach.


Jay Rayner

Jay Rayner

Food critic at The Guardian and The Observer, writer and broadcaster. Interviewed by Thom Hetherington, Holden Media.

Food Entrepreneurism Panel

Food Entrepreneurism Panel

Thom Hetherington, Holden Media (Chair); Nick Johnson, Market Operations Ltd, John Quilter, Jamie's Food Tube and CRU Kafe; Gary Usher, Sticky Walnut and Burnt Truffle; Cynthia Shanmugalingam, Kitchenette.


Craig Bancroft & Nick Lander

Craig Bancroft and Nick Lander

Co-owner of Northcote and Ribble Valley Inns; Author, restaurateur, consultant and food critic.

Will Beckett

Will Beckett

Founder, Hawksmoor. Interviewed by Thom Hetherington, Holden Media


Marcello Distefano and Tim Bacon

Marcello Distefano and Tim Bacon

Managing Director, San Carlo Group; CEO & Co-Founder, Living Ventures. Interviewed by Thom Hetherington, Holden Media.