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Bruntwood NRB Debate 2019

Bruntwood NRB Debate 2019

  1. Lunch
    30 mins
    Light lunch served for all ticket holders ahead of the Bruntwood NRB Debate.
  1. Cobden Suite
    45 mins
    Food is truly analogue but how we experience it is increasingly digital. We discuss how brands and businesses build brand loyalty and ensure their share of the marketplace, how to bridge the gap between their online presence and driving actual footfall and whether social media really is the be all and end all.
  1. Break
    Cobden Suite
    5 mins
  1. Cobden Suite
    55 mins

    This year’s headline speaker is chef and restaurateur Jason Atherton. After gaining a Michelin star for his London restaurant Pollen Street Social in 2011, Jason’s interests now stretch from London to Dubai and from New York to Hong Kong, totalling seventeen restaurants in eight
    cities across three continents.

    Host Thom Hetherington explores what fired this Northern chef to global success.

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    Hospitality Action